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Brazilian App company, from the state of Parana, attends eMERGE Americas, in the US

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por Snowman Labs,
em 25 de April de 2016.

Snowman Labs takes its portfolio to one of the most important technology and innovation events, in Miami. Event strengthens the connections between investors and new business models.


Aiming to expand its market and present its portfolio, Snowman Labs, a Brazilian company from the state of Parana, specialized in developing mobile apps, will be in Miami during the 18th and 19th of April, to attend eMerge Americas, one the world’s most important technology and innovations fairs.

Along with two other large Brazilian companies, Snowman Labs was selected by Softex, the Brazilian Association for the Promotion of Excellence in Software, within the Brazil IT + program, to represent the South of Brazil in its exhibit booth.

In 2015, during its third edition, eMerge Americas gathered more than 10,000 participants from 50 different countries and over 200 technology companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Facebook. The event is described by its makers as an opportunity to exchange ideas and launch innovative technological solutions, connecting Latin America, North America and Europe.

This important technology event is divided into three pillars, according to Snowlab’s new businesses director Danilo Brizola. “eMerge Americas is based on: networking and connections between large companies and startups on the rise, the discovery of new services and technological solutions presented in exhibitions, and inspiration, through conferences and lectures with industry experts.”

At Softex’s exhibit booth, Snowman Labs presents its portfolio of solutions to the American market with the help of virtual reality. Through a partnership with Beenoculus, another company from the state of Parana, Snowman Labs’ app can be accessed with the use of a mask that inserts the viewer into a virtual environment, with a 360 degrees experience.

In addition, the company presents its new website and brings one of Snowman Labs’ customers to talk about the development of personalized apps, like the one created for his company, developed to measure productivity.

Since its foundation in 2012, this is the first time that Snowman Labs attends an international event, although the company already has customers from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Major Brazilian companies including Volvo, Sebrae (Brazilian Support System for Small Businesses), Simepar (Paraná’s Meteorological System) and Copel (Paraná’s Electricity Company) are also Snowman Labs’ clients.


The company’s expectation, according to Brizola, is to present their solutions to an audience that is highly focused and open to new technologies. “It’s part of our mission to impact people and transform businesses through mobile solutions. To have the opportunity to attend such an event, representing our state and the southern region of the country, side by side with large companies, is a great achievement for us.”

“We want to present our portfolio to international startups that have already received investments and need solutions like the ones we offer. We also want to network and be close to major technology brands and personalities that will be supporting the event “, Brizola adds.

eMerge Americans will be held April 18-19 at the Miami Convention Center, in Miami, Florida. For more information about the event, visit

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About Snowman Labs: Snowman Labs is a company specialized in creating mobility solutions for the corporate world, because it believes in the transformation of businesses through mobile solutions. Founded four years ago and based in the Brazilian city of Curitiba (in the state of Parana), the company has a dedicated team responsible for customer service, design and developing apps for tablets and smartphones, using the latest tools available. For more information, visit our website: